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Roadblocks aren't necessarily a bad thing. They are an inevitable part of whatever we're doing or working on. Sometimes you knew the obstructions you would encounter from day one, but postponed dealing with them. And sometimes they show up without notice, when you thought your plans were coming together. Our first reaction when coming up against one is often discouragement, frustration, fear or a strong will to give up what we once wanted enough to start acting. It sucks. But the next step is what matters. To not get stuck, we need to see the positive side of the roadblock and embrace it. You see, roadblocks challenge us to pause and think. They lower the noise of euphoria and slow...

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A Process To Hire Smart People

A few weeks ago, I was having coffee with Ryan Gum and Maxime Salomon at the Expresso House in old Stockholm. At one point, we got to discussing how difficult it can be to attract so called "A-Players"- La crème de la crème of employees. As a matter of fact, the best engineers, growth hackers, sales personnel and copywriters are already in position, and usually get a salary that matches their level of expertise. Then, what can you do to attract such people to work with you? Here is my take on this topic, as well as the process I think I'll follow when I decide to hire engineers to join me building one of my products. 1) Identify interesting...

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A visual way to brainstorm your ideas

As app makers, entrepreneurs, ux specialists, freelancers and designers, we have a lot of ideas and projects to work on. There are the ones we share with our partners or clients, and the ones we keep to ourselves because they aren't ready yet. If you recognized yourself in the lines above, you're probably like me and write down your ideas as they appear during the day. You probably carry around a notebook and also use any kind of paper you might find from the back of an envelope, to a post-it note. Maybe you also use your phone and your computer. What is the next step after you have an idea? I usually feel like there's a bridge missing between...

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6 techniques & rules that helped me successfully launch Non-app Calendar

In a previous post, I listed seven mistakes I made while launching my side project: Non-app Calendar. This post got some great feedback from our community, so I decided to write this follow-up post to give you six techniques I used that helped make Non-app Calendar a success. 1) I asked for feedback while building the product. In order to build and launch my side project in just a few hours, I needed to be able to execute my vision without engaging too much with potential customers. Although, to prevent product blindness (when you're just so focused on building something that you don't see the big flaws), I continuously shared my progress with a trusted group of entrepreneur friends. Sharing...

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7 mistakes I made while launching Non-app Calendar

Just a few weeks ago, I launched Non-app Calendar, a tiny analog product aimed at helping us turn our big goals into manageable actions. Those of you who've been following me on this blog, knows that besides one or two small past experiments, I'm more used to the b2b kind of business. Publicly launching Non-app Calendar was a great way to learn fast. I even wrote a long essay about it. And while I considered this launch a success, I've made a lot of mistakes along the way. In this post, I'm going to list seven of them. 1) I underestimated the time. Developers, entrepreneurs and professionals in general: you know how common, yet inevitable, this problem is. And it...

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