Using Trello to manage your sales pipeline

In the beginning of June, we decided that our new product was ready to be shown to more people other than the few already involved in the alpha version. I started talking and meeting with people to pitch to them, and give demos of our software. I soon realised this could become a giant mess… Continue reading this post

Rethinking the selling process

Get ready for the hunt! This post is the first of a series dedicated to a reflection about the selling process. I'll share with you my experience as an entrepreneur trying to get better at selling. I was only 21 when I co-founded my first real company. Prior to that, I had been working for… Continue reading this post

Test run your non-technical co-founder

A fellow entrepreneur I know is currently facing a situation which a lot of us will reach, at some point on our entrepreneurship journey. For the last few months, he has been busy building his idea a pretty neat SaaS platform to help developers manage their staging environments, and doing the validation work all alone… Continue reading this post

What makes a good leader

Good leader, charisma. Words that fit perfectly together. Or not necessarily? When I started working on this article, I allowed myself a few minutes to think about the great leaders I've met in my professional life. And as I went with this empirical process I realise several specificities that all these leaders have in common… Continue reading this post

Everybody loves a little eye candy

When waiting to be inspired, I like to view websites where designers show off their work, or randomly check beautiful ones I have already bookmarked. Harmony of shapes and colours motivates me. Beautiful inspires us. Beautiful helps us understand. Beautiful makes it easier to buy. I keep those principles in mind when communicating with my… Continue reading this post